Computer Vision for transport analytics

State of the art computer vision to understand how people move, safety and how they want to move.

We enable custom and detailed transport analytics

Using cutting edge computer vision techniques we enable road safety organisations to get collect valuable data about how cities move.

Push updates and Iterate
Interested in a new zone or a new area of interest? Occlusion can be updated over the air without physically changing the device to allow for flexibility of research.
On Device Analysis
Using Edge computing we ensure that Privacy is upheld. Footage never is never stored and never leaves the device as all analysis is done on location.
Fits with your systems
Occlusion can fit with your existing camera network and data warehousing. Altenratively, Occlusion On Edge can go beyond existing cameras and perform analysis on device, on location.
Discover how transport modes interact
Occlusion can identify multiple forms of transport modes to enhance traffic counts and also provide insight into how they interact.

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